Anglers social network app and fishing digital diary for everyone

Free multifunctional mobile app for anglers. Stay in touch and share your catches with anglers all over the world, join a team or create your own team, take part in competitions, find fishing spots, see your ranking national and international, keep your personal catch records, spots and data… find out more and be active - become a Fishnatic.

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See your best results, your ranking as well as your fishing diary, your tackle box and other information and statistics.


See and find teams from all over the world and their results. Set up your own team, join a team or follow them.


Find all your friends or invite users from all over the world to your friend or see who wants to be in touch with you.

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Use the app for your private purpose:

  • Share catches and records
  • Become a captain or member of a team
  • Develop yourself, your team and compete with anglers national and international
  • Find, meet and make new friends
  • Chat and share your experience, knowledge and information
  • Follow guides, experts, professional
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Be part of the global anglers network:

  • Your catch records and places
  • Your tackle box
  • Your fishing diary and statistic
  • Your individual ranking
  • Discover and find your perfect fishing spots and information
  • Use "stealth" mode for maximum privacy
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Develop yourself and compete borderless with anglers:

  • Be active and upgrade your ranking
  • Take part in "fishing battles?
  • Set up your own "fishing battle"
  • Observe ongoing "fishing battles" and results

Awesome Features

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  • Activity

    See catch reports, used baits, methods and catch conditions of all other Fishnatics or just check your own ones.

  • Discover

    See in this interactive map catches, find shops, licenze selling points, boat rental and discover your next fishing spot..

  • Tackle box

    Digitize your fishing gear and keep track of all your tackles for the future.

  • Battles

    Unlimited possibilities to challenge and compete with all Fishnatics from all over the world or just set up a battle with your friend for the next weekend.

  • Ranking

    See the ranking national and international of all Fishnatics. Be active and develop your position.

  • Chat

    Stay in touch with your friends, your team and plan your next activity.

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"to connect and inspire every angler in the world"

We combine the knowledge from many years of working experience in the international fishing industry, marketing and IT. Our passion is fishing and we are driven by one idea - to have a multifunctional application which is specialised and dedicated for the needs of anglers. We experienced that no matter who you are or where you are - anglers all over the world are connected by the same needs, values, passion and we want to make the fishing of these fanatics borderless, enjoyable, and create the global community of Fishnatic’s.



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